Saturday, January 23, 2016

Book Review: Ride Steady by Kristen Ashely

Ride Steady (Chaos #3) by  

5 Stars 

Nursing school was going full force and this book still had me glued to the pages. Don’t worry I still passed the semester, but sad to say I am just now getting to this review months later. To keep it short and sweet, let me say that  Ride Steady was one of my favorite books that I read in 2015.   

Two of my favorite things: KA and Motorcycle clubs. You cannot go wrong with that. Ride Steady shows Queen Kristen Ashely doing what she does best writing great likeable heroines and sexy alpha males.   And really do I need to say more than that? If you like either or both of those above mentioned, then you’ll love Ride Steady.

Carson and Carissa attend the same high school. They both seem interested in each other, but never get past social statues, other relationships and peers, and home life in order to date.  Yet this lays a great foundation for the couple down the road.  I love these kind of relationships.

The book takes place years later and both characters have changed. Carissa is a strong as ever and a single mother. When she gets stranded on the side of a busy road, Carson pulls up to save her. Carson recognizes her instantly.  Carissa does not recognize the rough, tatted man on a motorcycle called Joker. To show her appreciation for helping, Carissa brings baked goods to the MC clubhouse.  And from there the two are again drawn to each other, even though they both are apprehensive about the relationship.

Another favorite topic of mine is single moms as I grew up in a single parent household, and KA does it justice in this book.  Carissa is strong, smart, and would do anything for the child she adores. And I melt almost every time that Joker goes into baby mode.

Along with the attraction and budding romance, this book brings some action with it too. MC Chaos are in rough times, and we even get to see some of our favorites from the Dream Man and (eeeep!) Lee Nightingale. 

I enjoyed every stolen minute with this book. KA does not disappoint from the action to the romance to friendships to the very sweet family moments. Loved watching Carissa and Joker work through their past and fight the future. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book Review: Maybe Matt's Miracle by Tammy Falkner

Maybe Matt's Miracle by Tammy Falkner
What he needed was a miracle…

Matthew Reed has seen his share of problems. But he’s a Reed and Reeds can overcome anything. Matt is content working in his family’s tattoo parlor with his brothers surrounding him. The only thing he’s lacking is the ability to have a family of his own. Then his battle with cancer leads him to meet a woman who just might need him as much as he needs her.

She didn’t need anything...

Skylar Morgan is happy. She has a boyfriend. Sure, he doesn’t make her heart pound faster and he really doesn’t support her when she needs it. But she doesn’t need much. Does she? She’s happy to be self-sufficient and she’s happy that she doesn’t have a tremendous amount of responsibility. She’s educated, has a great job, and she has enough money for a lifetime. But what she lacks, she doesn’t even realize until she meets him. And them. The ones who change her life forever
4 Stars
Maybe Matt’s Miracle was a quick, sweet look back into the lives of the Reeds.

Matt, like the rest of the Reed brothers, is kind hearted, tattooed, and oh so sugary sweet. He’s recovering from cancer and the bitter betrayal of two close friends, when he meets Sky. He works with his brothers at the tattoo shop, and knows Sky’s nieces and nephew through their mom Kendra. Kendra and Matt were friends during cancer treatment.

Sky is a lawyer in a dead-end relationship. She cannot stand her father, and her mother insults her or ignores her. This makes her bitter and hurt. Even so, she wants to please them so she becomes a lawyer. And when Sky’s dad approaches her asking her to take care of her half-sisters kids, Sky cannot refuse. Sky who was planning on having a nice things and a “respectable” life and job, is suddenly tossed into the chaos and love of single-motherhood. And along with that unexpectedly comes a tall, handsome, and tattooed man.

Loved the aspect that the kids brought to this book. Each of the children in Sky’s care brought their own dynamic. And I loved scenes between Sky, Matt, and the kids. I wanted more though. A lot could have been fluffed out a little more (says me, lover of fluff) and lot of different angst could have been explored or delved into. However, this book is short and covers a lot considering the page numbers are limited. Simply put, I wanted more.

Matt and Sky’s relationship moves fast. And fans of the series will be excited to know that Matt even gets a bloody nose. I always enjoy how the author works that into different books. Matt and Sky’s relationship is tender and sizzling. In fact, true to form, this books features a lot of sizzling bedroom activity. Matt has some alpha tendencies that I usually enjoyed and even some had me rolling my eyes (pff, men, amiright? ;p). Matt was incredible sweet to Sky and the kids and wanted to help take care of them, which makes you love him even more.

The other brothers are there, and one of my favorite parts of the book is when the whole family is together goofing off. This is a Fun, heartwarming story. And if you’re fans of the Reeds anyway, you’ll love love love Matt’s story. The ending destroyed my heart…but in a great way. Can’t wait to get my hands on Paul’s book next.

Thanks to NetGalley and Night Shift Publishing for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.