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Book Review: Secret by Brigid Kemmerer

Expected publication: January 28th 2014 by Kensington Teen
Another fabulous Five Stars addition to the Elemental series.
(This book should be read after Nick's short novella, Breathless.)

Nick Merrick is suppose to be the brother with a level head. Smart, focus, and dependable, he is the brother that the others can always depend on.

But when Nick has to worry about the family business drowning, college choices (and if his family can afford to lose his help), the Guides coming to town, Quinn's crazy new boyfriend, the talented dancer that has caught his attention, and all the SECRETS that go along with that, Nick Merrick starts to unravel.

I read this in less than a day. I could hardly put it down! I love this series (and the Merrick brothers) anyway, but Nick and Quinn's story may be my favorite so far. I loved this book!

Like the past books in this series, Kemmerer does not shy away from the difficult issues that teens are faced with on the daily. And Nick and Quinn's story is no different. Kemmerer did a great job dealing with all the serious issues presented -- from Nick and Adam's relationship to dealing with Quinn's abusive home life.

Nick & Adam
Nick felt such fear and confusion about his feeling for Adam, that he doesn't even share his sexual orientation with his brothers. Not even his twin, Gabriel. Adam was flirtatious and confident, and I loved seeing him interact with Nick. But Adam has a rough past of abuse that he is still dealing with and working through. And seeing them both begin to work through and trust each other was awesome.

The Brothers
Seeing the Merricks interact is always a plus. And seeing how they each worried about Nick and all the secrets he was keeping, but in their own individual way. Michael does an awesome job balancing between eldest brother and guardian mode. But the youngest Merrick's attitude won me over -- and may have been one of my favorite parts of the book. Then of course Gabriel's hot temper cause all kinds of probems.

Quinn & Tyler
My favorite part, however, was Quinn and Tyler. Kemmerer does something awesome as an author and story-teller, because I liked the 'bad guy.' Actually, the bad guy may have been my favorite character. Never thought I would like Tyler that much (or Quinn for that matter), but seeing Tyler's side of things, along with his softer side was amazing. He quickly won me over. And Quinn annoyed me a lot in Gabriel's book, but not the case in Secret. Not only was she facing some heavy issues, dealing with body issues, and feeling "abandoned" by her friends, but she manages to keep her head up, be a strong woman and always says what she is thinking.

I highlighted (on my kindle) so many different moments that I wish I could share, but since this is an ARC I'll have to wait till I can grab my own copy in January. But if you liked the previous in the series, then this book will not let you down. It's a great addition to the series. And I cannot wait for the next book.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing this copy in exchange for a honest review.

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