Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Every new day begins with possibilities." Ronald Reagan

one of THOSE days

You all know the days I'm talking about.
The day that nothing seems to be going right.
And if your a girl
or at least emotional me
you probably end up crying at least once.
You know over something that really, honestly
shouldn't matter.
BUT that little thing is what broke
the camel's back.
You know.
You lost your phone along with a ton of other things.
So something
Like 'I'm sorry we don't have that honey BBQ sauce anymore.'
at your favorite restuarant that you wanted to eat at.
And it is then that you just
 break down.
Hit the table with your fist.
And though you're trying to act like you've got it all
or at least pull it back together
Tears well up in your eyes.
Then your friends start laughing
and the waitress looks at you like your crazy.
You know those sorta days right?
Or is it just me?
So I sorta had one of those yesterday.
Not as bad as the one just describe
but there was some tears
and some "I wanted to be home"
 and some other icky emotions
that just want to make you sleep.

Me and the roomie at Dorm Wars

My roommate was also having a bad day
What's in the air,eh?
So both of us went to OCharlies.
We hardly ever eat there.
And I'm not sure why
But it was so nice
We ended up sharing an entree and got
for less than fourteen dollars.
Good deal right??
I also got a soda :)
And we just sat there
in no big rush and talked.

It was just really enjoyable and nice to of relaxing
from the stress of that Tuesday.
We talked about life
and different things like that.
Sorta of rant, but really just
let me get this off of my chest.
"So it hasn't been your day, you month, or even your year!"
Sorry had to put a Friends reference in there.
Anyways, we had dessert too.
And then afterwards we felt tons better.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Gun - Danger Zone

Our theme was Top Gun. And I must say that it was amazing.
Even though I haven't seen the movie.
yes, seeing the movie is on my todo list
I loved all the aviators and leather jackets and the all and all suaveness of it all.
In our team's introduction, our actually player
(as in those competing, as being extremely competitive, as in not me)
came walking in all slow with their aviators and pilot jackets on.

I'm so proud of two of the little roomies. They were actually representing
our dorm in the competition.
They were some of the best on the court.
Frankie ran the shopping cart race and was a brute at doing so.
Look at her go!

Then Kirstin ran the obstacle course.
My favorite event of Dorm Wars.
Though I am pretty sure I'd bite the dust if I tried those tires.
And don't even get me started on the rope swing.
But little K did very well and ran this course on the quickness.

Also, Kirstin got the idea of putting the names from the moive
on the back of our dorm shirts.
 So she used black tape and wrote the four main characters
on our shirts.
It ended up looking wonderful.
Not only wonderful, but kickin' awesome!
I was Slider; which I don't really know who that is.
Well not yet though.
But look how great it turned out!

Okay, so we didn't win.
 We didn't even place.
But we did have an awesome theme.
And a great time.
With some laughs of course!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'd like to start off by saying that Biology and Chemistry is kickin my butt. Maybe if I only had one of them then it wouldn't be so crazy, but both...ahhhh!!! I feel like if I start doing well in one class, I start slacking in the other. And the worst part, you may ask? The dang online homework. Pre and post reading quizes along with Chemistry "math" homework. I guess you could call it math, but it seems more complex.  The number usually don't throw me off, but the certain way you set up the problem usually does.  It just takes practice to know how and what the problem wants you to do exactly. However, the thing that should be easiest, can cause me the most grief. A little thing called time repetive quizes. You basically just take one over and over and over and over till you either get it done in a certain amount of time or till you finished 5 times correct. See, doesn't sound to hard right? For some reason, I dread these little boogers with much dislike.

Dorm Wars are coming up soon for my school. It is sorta a big deal. All are dorms chose a secret theme and get together different teams to compete. The winners recieve money for their charity and of course bragging rights. The different events include:  shopping cart races, obstacle course, etc. The next dorm wars is coming up on Monday. It should be lots of fun.  Last years theme for our dorm was Miss Independent! These pictures are from last year, maybe I'll post some from this coming year after monday!! Wish us the best!

Me and the besties at last years dorm wars!