Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'd like to start off by saying that Biology and Chemistry is kickin my butt. Maybe if I only had one of them then it wouldn't be so crazy, but both...ahhhh!!! I feel like if I start doing well in one class, I start slacking in the other. And the worst part, you may ask? The dang online homework. Pre and post reading quizes along with Chemistry "math" homework. I guess you could call it math, but it seems more complex.  The number usually don't throw me off, but the certain way you set up the problem usually does.  It just takes practice to know how and what the problem wants you to do exactly. However, the thing that should be easiest, can cause me the most grief. A little thing called time repetive quizes. You basically just take one over and over and over and over till you either get it done in a certain amount of time or till you finished 5 times correct. See, doesn't sound to hard right? For some reason, I dread these little boogers with much dislike.

Dorm Wars are coming up soon for my school. It is sorta a big deal. All are dorms chose a secret theme and get together different teams to compete. The winners recieve money for their charity and of course bragging rights. The different events include:  shopping cart races, obstacle course, etc. The next dorm wars is coming up on Monday. It should be lots of fun.  Last years theme for our dorm was Miss Independent! These pictures are from last year, maybe I'll post some from this coming year after monday!! Wish us the best!

Me and the besties at last years dorm wars!

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