Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Heart...

1. Harry Potter.  I saw the new movie yesterday.  Actually I watched Half Blooded Prince for the first time yesterday, then we went and watched the Deathly Hallows.  Let me tell you, It did not disappoint.  I wish I could have taken a twenty minute break and watched the second part.  I enjoyed the movie and did not want it to end.  Oh well, I have to wait till July to know the ending. I have only read a few of the books, but I am tempted to buy the last book and read it.

2. Christina Perri "Jar of Hearts" video because it reminds me of Death Eaters.   Okay, my brain is on Harry Potter, so when I watched the video for the first time today I thought...."Death Eaters!" Actually, I think it was something more like, "what?! that's so weird/awkward." However, when I watched it again, that was when I was reminded of Death Eaters...and I now I like the video. haha. Seriously though, I heart the song "Jar of Hearts." I have been listening to it a lot on my itunes. The song is absolutely amazing. If you haven't heard the song yet then click above. It is great music just to chill and do homework or maybe even read/write blogs too.

3.This amazing dress that I found today!  Okay, so I will not be buying this dress anytime soon, but it is extremely cute. Plus, this dress is purple. One of my favorite colors!  I found it at ModCloth, an online shopping site that I recently found thanks to some fashion bloggers.  ModCloth has some of the cutest names for their clothing, such as "Winter Garden Dress" or "Thai Iced Tea Dress." It just a fun website to "window shop" at, and hey, maybe one day I will branch out and make a purchase.  ModCloth recommended wearing the purple dress with beads in the hair and boots. I love that, must be bringing out my hippie side :)

4. Thanksgiving! Oh my goodness, I am so ready for Thanksgiving break I can hardly stand it. I got a bit homesick last night, but it is not too bad considering that I get to leave in about two days for one of my favorite places in the world! For one, it will be so nice to actually eat some decent food. I am so tired of the dinning hall food. It has really been struggling this past week. Then I am going Black Friday shopping with my mother! I'll be fighting the crowds but looking for those great deals...hopefully.

5. Blogs.  Recently I have became more and more interested in blogs, especially fashion related blogs. There are tons of great and interesting blogs out there!  Daybook is one of my personal favorites. I have recently been checking different blogs more than I have facebook.  Oh man...


Friday, November 19, 2010

The Little Rebel

I once heard that red was a power color.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheap & Expensive Thoughts

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute..."
-Albert Einstein
  • Today, I went shopping at Goodwill. I want to be a more thrifty person? You know, the whole looking for some treasures. So I ended up buying two sweaters that I am really excited about working into my wardrobe.  Like 'em?
  • So last night I got inspired and looked up engagement rings at Tiffanys & Co. And whoa, I found a gorgeous ring...though it cost as much as a semester in college. So I guess I can count this ring out...well unless I marry a doctor...hmmm :)
I like this ring or at least the picture of it is gorgeous. The princess cut one was really pretty too.  HOWEVER....this 1Carat ring runs for about 9,200. Oh my gosh...guess that's the price you pay for that little blue Tiffany's box.

I also looked at their jewlery that is for under 250 dollars. They have some really cute stuff. *sigh* I guess I'm turning more and more girly. I never would have thought I'd be interested in designer jewelry.  At least I am not designer bag crazy...well yet.   
I will say that this would be an awful cute we've been together a year or even a promise ring is still from Tiffanys, but a lot cheaper. This little adorable thing was only $100 dollars. A LOT cheaper.

Anyways, guess I am going to need me a boyfriend for me to get any sorta engagement rings. So this is not going to be happening anytime soon (you can breathe now mom). They are just pretty to look at...the boys and the rings. hehehe. Speaking of boys, I met a very pretty green eyed boy today. Be still my heart lol jk. Or wait maybe I should ask him if he is a pre-med major.

Also, guess you noticed that I'm posing with Rudolph. And yes, one of my shoes are untied :) Sorry my face was so red. Not really sure what that's about... Tomorrow I planning on wearing a crazy combo. Check back then to see me work zebra prints into my outfit.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something Sweet: Jenna Tries to Cook: Candy Cane Cocoa

The Art of Candy Cane Cocoa

So recently I have been really into reading different blogs. I came across this tutorial on how to make Candy Cane Cocoa. I decided that I would try to make this treat. So I bought some Candy Canes and Chocolate...and here is the results.  To read the original post (or for the recipe) look here.
Ingredients :D

One cup of milk, one candy cane, and a tablespoon of chocolate chips

 Heat the milk in the sauce pot, but don't let it boil
Slowly add Chocolate and Candy Canes
Keep stirring. It takes the Candy Canes longer to melt.

It's smelling good now :)

 Pour it into your coffee cup, but you might want to do this over the sink...learned that the hard way.

Finished! You can add some whipped cream if you would like...and enjoy.

Be sure to drink this in a Christmas mug for the full effect (you can even add some Christmas music).  My Cocoa actually turned out really well. It actually tasted very delicious. Plus, I think it made me very hyper - possibly because of all that sugar.  I kept laughing and laughing over the dumbest thing. Anyway, give it a try because it is a simple treat that is fun to make.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is a New Day

Five Quick Random Things About Me

It is late, but I wanted to quickly update my new blog. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to add a post about Candy Cane Cocoa that I made the other day. I followed a tutorial from another blog, and it actually worked out for me. More on that tomorrow.
  1. Yesterday, I turned twenty years old.  My friends gave me a surprise party on Saturday..they're the best! Wow. Goodbye teenage years.
  2. I walk with my feet pointed outwards.  "What's it called when I walk?" "When I walk?" " how I walk with my feet pointed out?" "Waddle?"
  3. I wore my hair in a bun on top of my hair today. Sorta of an Audrey Hepburn idea look. ( inspired by another blogger) But my bun looked more like a grandma hair style. I still liked it though.  (sorry the picture is darkish..and this is the bun after some wear so it looked a bit better earlier)
  4. We actually decorated the Christmas tree tonight.  Early, yes, but that's okay because me and the roomies only have a couple more weeks together.
  5. I started playing this game on my computer last night called Diner Frenzy or something close. Anyways, I picked back up today. Now I am on world two...and suddenly it wants me to start paying to play.  WHAT?! Not cool computer.