Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something Sweet: Jenna Tries to Cook: Candy Cane Cocoa

The Art of Candy Cane Cocoa

So recently I have been really into reading different blogs. I came across this tutorial on how to make Candy Cane Cocoa. I decided that I would try to make this treat. So I bought some Candy Canes and Chocolate...and here is the results.  To read the original post (or for the recipe) look here.
Ingredients :D

One cup of milk, one candy cane, and a tablespoon of chocolate chips

 Heat the milk in the sauce pot, but don't let it boil
Slowly add Chocolate and Candy Canes
Keep stirring. It takes the Candy Canes longer to melt.

It's smelling good now :)

 Pour it into your coffee cup, but you might want to do this over the sink...learned that the hard way.

Finished! You can add some whipped cream if you would like...and enjoy.

Be sure to drink this in a Christmas mug for the full effect (you can even add some Christmas music).  My Cocoa actually turned out really well. It actually tasted very delicious. Plus, I think it made me very hyper - possibly because of all that sugar.  I kept laughing and laughing over the dumbest thing. Anyway, give it a try because it is a simple treat that is fun to make.

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment. That cocoa looks delicious and if I weren't lactose intolerant, I would totally make it for myself. xoxo.
    From Suns To Moons