Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Heart...

1. Harry Potter.  I saw the new movie yesterday.  Actually I watched Half Blooded Prince for the first time yesterday, then we went and watched the Deathly Hallows.  Let me tell you, It did not disappoint.  I wish I could have taken a twenty minute break and watched the second part.  I enjoyed the movie and did not want it to end.  Oh well, I have to wait till July to know the ending. I have only read a few of the books, but I am tempted to buy the last book and read it.

2. Christina Perri "Jar of Hearts" video because it reminds me of Death Eaters.   Okay, my brain is on Harry Potter, so when I watched the video for the first time today I thought...."Death Eaters!" Actually, I think it was something more like, "what?! that's so weird/awkward." However, when I watched it again, that was when I was reminded of Death Eaters...and I now I like the video. haha. Seriously though, I heart the song "Jar of Hearts." I have been listening to it a lot on my itunes. The song is absolutely amazing. If you haven't heard the song yet then click above. It is great music just to chill and do homework or maybe even read/write blogs too.

3.This amazing dress that I found today!  Okay, so I will not be buying this dress anytime soon, but it is extremely cute. Plus, this dress is purple. One of my favorite colors!  I found it at ModCloth, an online shopping site that I recently found thanks to some fashion bloggers.  ModCloth has some of the cutest names for their clothing, such as "Winter Garden Dress" or "Thai Iced Tea Dress." It just a fun website to "window shop" at, and hey, maybe one day I will branch out and make a purchase.  ModCloth recommended wearing the purple dress with beads in the hair and boots. I love that, must be bringing out my hippie side :)

4. Thanksgiving! Oh my goodness, I am so ready for Thanksgiving break I can hardly stand it. I got a bit homesick last night, but it is not too bad considering that I get to leave in about two days for one of my favorite places in the world! For one, it will be so nice to actually eat some decent food. I am so tired of the dinning hall food. It has really been struggling this past week. Then I am going Black Friday shopping with my mother! I'll be fighting the crowds but looking for those great deals...hopefully.

5. Blogs.  Recently I have became more and more interested in blogs, especially fashion related blogs. There are tons of great and interesting blogs out there!  Daybook is one of my personal favorites. I have recently been checking different blogs more than I have facebook.  Oh man...


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