Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is a New Day

Five Quick Random Things About Me

It is late, but I wanted to quickly update my new blog. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to add a post about Candy Cane Cocoa that I made the other day. I followed a tutorial from another blog, and it actually worked out for me. More on that tomorrow.
  1. Yesterday, I turned twenty years old.  My friends gave me a surprise party on Saturday..they're the best! Wow. Goodbye teenage years.
  2. I walk with my feet pointed outwards.  "What's it called when I walk?" "When I walk?" "...like how I walk with my feet pointed out?" "Waddle?"
  3. I wore my hair in a bun on top of my hair today. Sorta of an Audrey Hepburn idea look. ( inspired by another blogger) But my bun looked more like a grandma hair style. I still liked it though.  (sorry the picture is darkish..and this is the bun after some wear so it looked a bit better earlier)
  4. We actually decorated the Christmas tree tonight.  Early, yes, but that's okay because me and the roomies only have a couple more weeks together.
  5. I started playing this game on my computer last night called Diner Frenzy or something close. Anyways, I picked back up today. Now I am on world two...and suddenly it wants me to start paying to play.  WHAT?! Not cool computer.

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