Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Evening in the City

I have a confession. I have never ate at P.F. Chang's...until yesterday. I wasn't overly adventures and ordered the fried rice with beef. Don't worry though...I tried some of my mom's honey shrimp. It was quite the experiences with the round booths, great food, and lack of shrimp sauces. It's hard to imagine rice without shrimp sauces (my favorite), but I some how managed to survive and real enjoyed the tasty meal.

Then me and mom walked around the city street looking into windows, the Christmas lights (which they still had up), and stopping at the book store. From here, we grabbed some coffee (mine was peppermint mocha....ah winter in a cup) and continue to window shop now with warm hands and stomachs. It was a great evening which we finished with a some actually shopping and a movie.  I love love spending time with my mom when I am home from college. We have the best days. 

Send a prayer for tomorrow, I am getting two of my wisdom teeth cut out in the morning. My last meal tonight? Chicken from KFC and two Cokes. Look at it as, one for tonight, and one for an early breakfast.

P.S. I still forgot to buy a new SD card.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Blue Christmas

I have been really lazy today, which is a nice contrast to the crazy weekend. Crazy, but wonderful weekend. Christmas with all of its joy and memory making is the worse time for my camera's SD card to go missing. However, I still managed to capture this picture with my camera phone. That's little Bouncer stuck in the "box" because we were preparing to have company over for dinner. He was so excited later that night when he finally got to run around the house singing "Who Let the Dogs Out." (Sorry I couldn't resist that joke). Tomorrow I am going to brave the after Christmas madness and try to get a little shopping done. On the list? A new SD card!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! It is too warm to snow here this year, but wishing you a white Christmas anyway. Hope you drink lots of hot chocolate, spend time with the fam, be merry, and most importantly remember the true meaning of Christmas. Be sure to take the time this season to rememeber and celebrate the birth of Jesus.