Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday Friends :)
This Thursday was filled  with awkward and awesome moments:

-That moment when the conversation is over and it is time to part separate ways.
-Walking into the restaurant only to decided that we don't have enough time to wait for the grill (it was a Asian food), so we leave.
-my stomach. I swear it has a mind of it's own. I know when I'm hungry, it doesn't have to always growl and tell me.
-the question my teacher asked me in class today about who would I save if my boyfriend and a drug dealer were drowning and I could only save one.
-it's not really sunny or warm today, in fact the wind is blowing a bit.....and I'm wearing a skirt. ahhh.
-my skirt is a pencil skirt. It makes everything a little more difficult
-how when I painted my toe nails last night, I got some on my now I don't only have orange toe nails, but orange drops of fingernail polish on my toes ;)
-that dang fever blister in the corner of my mouth. ugh!

-dressing up today and feeling like I should be walking the streets of NYC in this outfit. You know, off to some important meeting or such. Now I just need some Starbucks in my hand.
-this book about sketching that I now want to own!
-the possibility that we might go see a movie when the girls get out of there exam
-That 70's show is on Netflix to watch instantly. yea!
-My Pre-Cal class was canceled for this 8am class!
-My chemistry class was also canceled yesterday.
-I owned my Chemistry lab hw usually owns me. But not this time!
-This homework list that I made while talking about what we need from the grocery store the other day.

-The roommate and I made lasagna on Sunday for the 1st time. Bonus!

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