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Book Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

3 Stars

If you're looking for a fun, quick read with some sexual tension and a bit of steam give Unintentional Virgin a go.

Quick Summary

Karma's goal before she turns twenty is to lose her virginity. Living with her two dads, not working a job, and dealing with a judgmental mom, has done a number on Karma's self esteem though. Best friend Eva to the rescue with a planned club night, where Karma can find her a man.

Not having much luck with guys in the past, Karma is surprised when the good-looking, tatted bouncer at the club is actually interested in her. Only problem? The tough as nails, ex-boxer cannot justify taking Karma's virginity in an one night stand. He's momma raised him better than that. Not able to let the gorgeous girl walk out of his life or leave disappointed, Jax strikes up a deal with Karma instead. If she spends three weeks dating and getting to actually know him, then they'll have sex.

Jax and Karma

The fact that Jax actually acted like a gentleman was SO refreshing. And made me instantly love his character. Especially, when we got a glimpse of his past and his family. Karma is crazy and fun. She has her shy moments, but she mostly speaks her mind very openly. Which caused for a lot of smiles and some laughs. And the two of them had some hot chemistry together along with tons of sweet moments. Since it was dual POV, it was great having a chance to be inside Jax's and Karma's head to see their feelings.

The Message

A.J. Bennett did a wonderful job on interweaving some great messages throughout Karma's story. Loved seeing Karma face her fears and deal with body image issues. For me, these were very relatable problems. And the "lessons" were not overly pushed on the reader, but there for the reader to gleam if they are open. Additionally, it was nice that story wasn't just about sex but actually had some backbone and meat to the plot.

The Facts & The Flow

I found some elements of this story hard to believe, and not just the guy acted like a gentlemen. I actually think that their are some decent guys remaining out there *crosses fingers*. More so, the details about different action scenes were a little fuzzy to me. Not in that I didn't understand, it was drawn out clearly, but just the reactions. Does anyone really give an armful of blood, PASS OUT, wake up right after and feel fine? This is just from personal experience though, I give blood a lot and almost always feel like a dog after. There was a couple other moments like that, let's be honest I was nitpicking tiny details, but it kinda bothered me. The flow of the story felt kinda choppy at points. And I felt like the transitions from one moment to the next were a little rough. However, if you look past the flow (cause the detail thing is apparently my own twitch), there is a solid story and group of characters.

Unintentional Virgin is a quick read, that will have you chuckling and routing for Karma from the start. With fun characters and emotional message, the plot is fast paced with a fair dose of action. A great read!

*Thanks to NetGalley and Indie Inked for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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