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Book Review: Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) by

5- Loved - It - Stars

Love a good biker and MC book. And I couldn't wait to get my hands on KA's version and the wonderful Tack. Starting from Mystery Man (and hot Hawk), I've slowly worked my way through this series. As a still KA newbie, it has been an awesome, hot-alpha male, adventurous ride. Each guy won me over individual, but Tack has stuck out in my head since book one. And Tyra and his story, did not disappoint.

Quick Summary

Tyra needs out of her drama filled life. So when she quits her job, she searches for a fast job turnaround. That lands her as the office secretary at the MC Chaos and Ride Body Shop compound. Only a few days before she starts, she attends a Chaos party with her best friend. And she meets Tack -- the president of the club -- and her heart, hormones, and tequila carry her to his bed. Tack is charming, fun, and gorgeous, and Tyra thinks she may have found her dream man. Until the next morning, he quickly kicks her out of bed.

When she faces her hurt feelings and anger, and bravely shows up to her job, Tack flips out when he discovers she is the same girl from the party. Not only does he tell her that he doesn't mix his business and pleasure, but he declares she's fired. Annoyed, beyond angry, and in desperate need of a job, Tyra throws Tack some classic KA attitude and says she's staying. And since Tack is not used to women standing up to him, he becomes intrigued. And so begins a delicious game of cat and mouse, as the two fight through their feelings, lives, and drama that seems to always be brewing at a motorcycle club.

My Thoughts

Like I said earlier, loved Tack. He was alpha badass to the core. Not afraid to speak his mind to his boys, Tyra, or even Tyra's family. Add some hot tattoos, leather jacket, and a harley and we've the perfect bad boy. But I loved that we got to peel back some of the layers, and see Tack for a kind hearted person. And meet his kids, Rush and Tabby, while seeing him in parent mode was golden. He lost his temper a lot, but he was passionate about his club, family, and Tyra. Loved him!

Tyra was a strong character. She annoyed me at points and wasn't my favorite KA heroine, but only because she was so strong willed. I respected the heck out of her for sticking to her guns on some things. Even if this is what caused my frustration. I like a character with backbone. And Tyra definitely had that and stubbornness in spades. But she really won me over in one scene (spoiler -->) When she maced that punk for hurting Tab, and bitch slapped him around(<---end spoiler), I was grinning like crazy, calling her a maniac, and screaming go Tyra go.

There was good dose of action, that started off pretty quick, and I was beyond absorbed into those chapters. The romance, the tension, the wooing, the back-and-forth, between Tyra and Tack was equally as good. Motorcycle Man ended abruptly in my opinion without a lot of instant closure. It felt choppy, especially after all the emotion and action. All I can say is I'm so thankful for the epilogue. And MM was a great wrap up to the series. Especially jumping to the previous MC POVs (something that I usually hate, but it worked for this book) for a few pages and getting a last glimpse into their lives

This series is a huge recommend -- if excessive pet names don't bother you -- and you want a good taste of action with your adult romances. Loved every guy, heroine, and book. Tack is definitely up there, but my favorite (but just barely, I do believe) is still Mitch. *sigh* If you've not tried the Dream Man series, you gotta meet these four and their feisty women.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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