Thursday, July 17, 2014

Long Hiatus -- Nursing School

'Ello, fellow book lovers.

 It has been a long time since I have blogged, reviewed a book, or even *gasp* participated in a meme.  In fact, I've only jumped over to my blog a few times in the pass few months to drop a NetGalley review down and be on my way.  Life  -- as I'm sure you can relate -- has kept me slammed. And sadly this blog and book reviews have taken a back burner.  Even reading at times has taken a back burner (on that note, I did finally watch the first six seasons of TrueBlood. And mostly loved it. And definitely loved all things Eric. Can't wait for the new season to actually come out on DVD.  #endrandomness). Enjoy the following picture :p


Anyway, I wish I could say that my hiatus was about to end. However, I'm afraid the exact opposite is about to happen and I'm about to become even more busy. I got accepted into a local RN program.  They've already told us for the next two years that we belong to them.  So I have a feeling that this blog and even reading is going to take a major backburner to make way for studying, class, labs and clinicals shove their way to the front of my life with fist flying.

With the few weeks I have left of freedom, I'm trying my best to enjoy life, reading, and family time.  And hopefully be a little more active on this blog and connecting with my fellow bloggers. Cause that really is one of the greatest parts of book blogging.  Additionally with the last bit of summer, I have this huge list of books that I wanna get finished. (Most of them are actually historical romances which seems to be my new addiction -- more on that soon, well, hopefully :D). It would be great if I could find a read-a-thon or something of the like to help knock off some of these. And also, it would be beyond amazing to get a chunk of my NetGalley books off my mind.

Seven really isn't too bad of a number. I just need to buckle down and get them read.

I know that I want be on here very much once the middle of August rolls around. But you can still find me on Goodreads (here), and hopefully on my personal blog if you're interested.  This will most likely contain 2AM rants, random thoughts, and me gushing about my love for pizza (Adventures Abound).

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