Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Review: Where Darkness Lies by Bella Jewel

Where Darkness Lies reminded me why I love Bella Jewel so much.   The characters were flawed, but loveable, and the plot was fast paced and action packed.

The characters Dimitri and Jess were both struggling with past demons. After a hard childhood, Jess is running. She is smart, coolheaded, beautiful, and loyal to her friends.  A vast ocean is the perfect place to hide, and a group of pirates as friends make for one of the safest places.  Until, Dimitri finally catches up with his step father, craving revenge.  Dimitri abducts Jess in hopes of hurting Hendrix and learning his weakness. Dimitri is cold, tough, bitter, and incredibly handsome. Using his rage, he hates all things pirates including Hendrix and now Jess.

Only Jess is frustratingly not afraid of Dimitri. In fact, she makes for the worse captive because she is witty, incredibly loyal to Hendrix, and not afraid to voice her opinions. And neither of them can seem to fight the growing attraction to each other, especially when they begin seeing that their past are more similar then they could have imagined.

And when I say action packed, I mean a lot happens in this book.  All most too much, another scene that I had forgot just popped into my head just now, but each plot point brought the characters together. And I really enjoy those moments…. a lot.  And the romance was perfect in my opinion, sweet and tender in just the right moments.

Bella Jewel delivers a great companion to Enslaved by the Ocean. The right amount of steam and plot, mixed with a huge dose of action.  This book was classic Bella Jewel, so if you enjoyed the first in this series or the MC sinners series, then you will likely love this too.  Where Darkness Lies could be read as a standalone or out of order for the first, Enslaved by the Ocean.  It has been almost a year exactly since I read Enslaved by the Ocean, and even though it gives a lot of background it is not necessary to enjoying the plot of Where Darkness Lies. But trust me on this, you’ll want to meet Hendrix. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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