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Book Review: True by Erin McCarthy


True (True Believers #1) by Erin McCarthy

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Rory wants to be the best. Especially when it comes to her schoolwork and her premed major. She likes things logical and is bit of a nerd. She hasn't had time for boys or even much of a social life.

That is till she meets Tyler.

"There are a lot of organs packed into our chest and abdominal cavities."
"That's the sexiest thing you've ever said," he teased.

"Really? Then I guess I need to step it up."

"I'd like to hear that. Talk dirty to me, Rory."

I open my mouth wanting to accept the challenge. But nothing came out. My mind went totally blank. We both laughed.

"That's about what I thought," he said. "I guess I'll have to be dirty enough for both of us."

Did I mention Rory's a virgin? And Tyler's your typical bad boy. A bad boy that her "friends" pay to sleep with her. What kinda of friends pay a guy to sleep with you?

Only, he's not your typical bad boy. Not really.

...he withdrew and held out a very battered card. "Da-dum. My library card. Sexy, huh?"

Tyler's smart and enjoys literature. He takes care deeply for his family. And is constantly stepping up when his mom is too drugged up to care. He has to focus on a college degree that will bring him money --- even if he rather major in English.

But of course, he still slings a couple of punches, downs a few beers, knows how to break the ladies hearts, and bit prideful. But most importantly he's sweet, loving, and actually a great guy. He charmed the socks off of me multiple times.

Seriously, where can I meet my version of Tyler?

He cares for his family and seeing him with his little brothers really won me over. They will win you over too. They are super sweet and caring even though they come from a roughier home.

Rory's friends annoyed me at times. But I pushed beyond them and their 'good attentions,' and accepted them. Can't wait to read Jessica's story in Sweet, which is given a brief nod to in this book.

The story is more than your classic bad boy meets sheltered girl. It has many layers and explores the loyalties of family. It addresses serious issues like drugs and the effects it can have on a family, a person, and a relationship. At times even squeezing my heart and bringing tears to my eyes.

I wanted to explain to him that some stories were loud, and some were quiet. His was filled with verbal arguments, slammed doors, heavy metal, and bad mufflers. Mine was one of ... empty house where the most noticeable voice, the one of laughter and encouragement and cheerfulness, had been silenced.

Loved, loved, loved True from beginning to end. The writing and plot just worked for me and I easily flew through this book. And, It easily slipped into one of my favorite spots.


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  1. Wow.. Now you have made me so curious about this book that I'll just have to go and buy it..:)
    Nicely reviewed..Looking forward to read it myself.. :)