Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review: Smokin' Hot by Lynn LaFleur

Smokin' Hot by Lynn LaFleur
Expected publication: March 25th 2014
3 Stars
Singe featured the story of Stephen and Julia. Julia needed to escape her hometown, so she decided to move from California to a small town in Texas. And when she meets the sexy, volunteer firefighter and roofer, Stephen, she thinks that she may just give love a chance. Sparks fly quickly, till she discover that Stephen is a bit of adrenalin junkie. Julia isn't sure if her heart can handle that again, since the man she left in California was a daredevil too. But Stephen isn't anything like her ex- or so he wants to show her. Bikes, fires, fast cars, and salsa equals one fun ride.

Singe started kinda choppy and abrupt, but the flow smoothed out after about chapter. Stephen and Julia meet quickly and form a fast relationship, but they kinda have to since it's a novella. Their fast love didn't really bother me, and I enjoyed seeing them flirt back and forth. But it soon heated up even more, and had a lot of hot, steamy, singe worthy sex scenes. You may never look at Salsa the same again.

There was a lot of characters mentioned, and I'm not really sure how they added to the story. But, Dolly, (who Julia was staying with till she finds a place and owns the local bar) was a great, fun character. She added a lot to this short story.

4 Stars
Smolder is the story of Marcus and Rayna. Rayna walked out on Marcus and their marriage five years ago. Leaving town, she's only now returned because of her grandma's illness and a fire at her grandma's house. Marcus is not only works with the volunteer fire department, but he now works at the construction company that is fixing her grandma's home. Still angry and hurt at Rayna, Marcus doesn't know what to expect when his ex-wife shows back up in town. Rayna still wants to run, but the two cannot deny the heat and past emotions that swirl between them.

I enjoyed this story a bit more than Singe. It flowed well, I didn't feel overwhelm with the characters. And the best part about Marcus and Rayna was that they had history. Even though it was rocky, it was great to see the simmering passion between the two. The sex in Smolder was just as steamy as Singe, covering multiple chapters of moments. Also, Smolder had a draw of mystery, because the reason why Rayna left isn't mentioned till the end. I kept trying to figure it out through the whole book.

Smolder gave a better look into the fire department with the men answering a call. I enjoyed this even though it was short, and found it realistic.

3 Stars
Talia and Dylan both volunteer together at the local fire department. Talia has had a crush on Dylan since she started there, and even though Dylan realizes this (and has feelings for Talia) he refuses to act on them. Then a night of passion finally forces the two to confront their feelings. Dylan says they can never work, which leaves Talia to hatch a plan that proves that they can.

Spark finally delivers in full what the other two lacked. I loved seeing the whole fire department interact with each other for multiple chapters. This was what I was expecting more of when picking up a fireman book. I wanted to the relationships within the department, and Spark delivers with some of these moments. There is still a lot of characters running around and making appearances, that I wasn't sure how they exactly fit into the story. It didn't bother me as much though since it was at community gathering. More so though, it was great seeing appearance by Marcus and Rayna.

Spark has a nice build, but the so called spark between Talia and Dylan didn't flow as smooth as the previous two. Well the author still delivers a lot of steam, it didn't provide the same "punch" as the first novellas. Steam aside, Talia and Dylan have a great plot line and story. And Spark would be my second favorite in the book.

Overall, I enjoyed these short novellas. I wish I could have seen a bigger theme running through and interconnecting the three of them. However, the small nods here and there were nice. The sex as the title says was "SMOKIN HOT." The actually scenes though were long and drawn out over multiple chapters with a lot of explicitly. It was almost overdone, and I wish for a little less heat and little more build. The characters, especially Marcus, Stephen, Dolly, and Talia will when you over. If you love firefighters, give this book a chance.
*Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. "a little less heat and little more build" there are so many authors that should learn from this! But these do sound kind of fun! Glad you enjoyed them!

    1. So true! But they were still fun. Thanks for stopping by :)