Monday, August 19, 2013

Vampire Academy Teaser: The Journey from Disappointment to Acceptance

I wrote something similar to this yesterday and it was deleted.

Don't know how or why blogger picked that exact moment to inflict its wrath. But it did.

And I was angrier than a power hungry Strigoi about that missing post. (See what I did there? Eh?) *slaps head* See?? See what you get since my original post was lost to cyber space? Stupid humor. Just pay that one forward.

Now really moving forward and away from that rant ...

Let's get to the real issue at hand here. The Vampire Academy teaser.

First, let me just point out (which you've probably already figured out) that I love the VA series. Team Dimitri all the way (I mean come on that Russian accent... *sigh* ) Erhmm...anyway, I did not realize the first teaser was out till I stumbled upon it yesterday.

Totally unexpected.

And a total internal fangirl freakout happened in my kitchen. Internal because nobody else in my house understands the awesomeness that is Richelle Mead.

Zoey Deutch will be playing Rose in the movie.
But then.....

First Reaction: What the heck was the that? THAT is nothing like the book!

Yea, I was upset. Quite a bit actually.

Everything just felt wrong.

After a break, I finally convinced myself to rewatch the trailer.

And guess what, it actually grew on me.

Second Reaction: That wasn't as bad as I first imagined. Okay, okay, I admit I still cringe a bit when Rose gives Lissa blood and then says, "What are friends for?" But that aside, I realized that scenes showcased sorta DO parallel the book. The fight scenes might actually be pretty B.A.

But overall, the teaser made me excited for the movie.

And *gasp* that means that it is doing its job.

Do I think they could have chose different music? Chose a different scenes? Portrayed the book in a bit of different light? Sure. But at the same time --- and this is key -- it is just a short teaser.

And that is what I need to remember. I was judging short clip too harshly. I am still excited for the movie in Feburary. Maybe a bit nervous, but pumped to see all my favorites on the big screen.

Who knows? I may watch it a third time and move from acceptance to fangirl agian.

Come on VA, don't let me down.

edit-- The trailer has now officially grown on me. No, it wasn't what I first expected, but that doesn't mean that it is bad. In fact,  it means the director and writers had some new inspiration, interpretations, and thoughts about the movie then me. And that's okay. This movie still promises to be awesome and I cannot wait till February 2014.

Have you watched VA teaser yet?


  1. Eee! Okay, so when I first saw the trailer was coming out, I also got all fangirl excited! I wish it could've been a full length trailer but they should have that coming up I think? Anyway, I liked it but I'm also really nervous for the movie. I mean, I just want it to be realyl good and I hope I won't end up hating it!! You know how that goes with some book to movie adaptations... Anyway, I LOVE Dimitri and for some reason the hang up I have is his hair... it seems almost too much on the actor. BUT I hope it grows on me. Because I love him. haha. I can't wait until this is out. But I am still nervous!

    1. I am nervous too. I wish one of my friends was really into this movie, because I want to see the midnight premier. I haven't really got a good look at Dimitri yet. The teaser was so quick. I hope that he has the swoon effect. You know I was team Edward till I saw the movies, then Jacob won me over in the second. Now I am just blabbing....anyway I heart Dimitri too and I'm excited to hear him speak.

      I am ready to watch it! Did you like the Beautiful Diaster movie? I've not read the book, but enjoyed the movie.

  2. I can't wait for the movie either!
    I wasn't a fan of the trailer - and it hasn't really grown on me but I love this series and even if the movie doesn't live up to my impossibly high standards - I'm kind of excited anyway.

    Kate @ whYAnot