Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monster Thons / ARC August Challenge

Both of this challenges are perfect for me. I'm fixing to start nursing school (more about that here) and wanted to get as many books knocked out of the way as possible. Cause I'm about to beyond busy once the middle of this month rolls around.   There is no way I want my NetGalley ARCs looming over my head during school.  And there is a few books that I've been dying to get my nose in, so I'm hoping to get those read during these challenges too.

Monster Thon (August 4th- 10th)


  • Read 100 pages a day
  • Read at least 1 ARCs
  • Write 1 review
  • Read one historical fiction book
  • Finish listening to my audio book

ARC August
Here's to getting that NetGalley ratio back in the green. I have five books that I need to read and review. Since this challenge runs all month long, it would be amazing if I could knock out all five books. However, since there is some books that I want to get finished in August that aren't ARCs/reviews -- I'll be tickled pink with three read and reviewed from my NetGalley shelf.

I'm aiming to read & review:
  • Twisted by Emma Chase
  • Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy
  • Trust by Sherri Hayes

Hope you all meet your goals this week/month. Feel free to leave a link, I'd love to jump by and see your goals/progress!


  1. Great goals! What do you do when you are listening to audiobooks? I tend to clean, workout or when I'm at work late cataloging/processing books. :)

    1. I've walked while listening to them. But my favorite thing to do is clean. It makes the time fly! :)