Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quick View: Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5) by Richelle Mead

I know that many bloggers and readers have already read (and reviewed) many of the books that I am just now picking up to read. That being so, I have decide to just give a short review of the book and what I thought, instead of a full review. 

Quick View: Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy #5) by Richelle Mead

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead if you have not read the previous four books.


“I'll find you. There is no place in this world you can hide from me. I'm watching." 

“A year. We'd known each other only a year, but we'd lived a lifetime in it.”

“He has no right to threaten my boyfriends. I'm eighteen. An adult. I don't need his help. I can threaten my boyfriends myself.” 

I am such a fan of this series. How could I not be?  Rose is strong, fierce, and snarky. I love how she doesn't take crap from anyone and chases her goals no matter what the cost. Such a great MC and heroine to cheer for because she is driven and loyal. Then you add in all the characters and drama, and you have this great world and plot that keeps you turning pages. 

This book, however, read a little bit slower than the others. I think many people state that it is book 4 that they found slow. But I sailed through that one loving Rose's heart. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed this one a whole lot. It was packed with a lot of action.  It was almost like I needed a break between the "highs." Especially if things were not going according to the little plan in my own head.  

At one point I even clutched the book to my chest in pure happiness. While others, I felt just as frustrated as the main character Rose.

The last twist I did NOT see coming. And even though the twist is frustrating, I appreciate what Mead has created. The dynamics and drama that will arise is going to make for a great last book. And ultimately, I am crossing my fingers for a happy ending (I may be slightly crushed if not).

Since this book did end on a twist, I can't wait to pick up the Last Sacrifice.


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