Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hospitals Part II

We've been at the hospital all day. We woke up around 3:30 this morning. We got ready and left for the hotel around 5:00 am.  Papa, Uncle, Me, and Mom parked entered the dark waiting room and went straight up to the 4th floor. Here, a most excellent nurse took us in and started the basics pre-surgery stuff. She had worked with us the day before too. We only got to sit with him for roughly thirty minutes. We told him see you in a little while. Then he went to pre-op for about two hours. They told us this would be the best time for us to leave and go get some breakfast before the operation actually started.  The real open heart stuff didn't actually start till around 7:30.

We got back and began the waiting.  The Chaplin keep us updated, but it was just a constant sit and wait for updates. It wasn't till closer to 4:00 that the doctor finally met with us. He talked to us about everything and risk, but said that he was doing okay now. We'd know more once he began to wake up and we couldn't see him for another two hours.

So we waited some more...this last couple of hours dragged by. We finally got to see him. They let the whole family go into his room. He had just began to wake up. We talked to him but he couldn't because he had a tube in his mouth.  He could squeeze or hands. That was a great news. We all were in tears though. It was just hard to see him so swollen, plus relief of seeing him.

When we came back later that night, the nurses had taken the tube out of his throat. He was talking again. He was still very tired, but it was nice to talk to him. He knew who we all were and he was doing so well.

I was going to write more, but I only got three hours of sleep last night. I beat. Praise the Lord that he is doing so well. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness. Praise the Lord for great nurses and doctors too! They all were super impressive.

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