Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Time

I just finished working out to Yoga X from P90X. Whew, let me tell you something Yoga X is NO joke.  I think I sweat more in Yoga X than in almost any other program.  No sir, no joke at all. Well...actually...I guess the joke about it is watching me trying to do these incredibly hard moves. My body sorta lacks balance and some coordination...two things that are sorta helpful in yoga...just saying.

So it may or may not be a secret that I've been trying to lose a little Christmas weight. Well that...and maybe a bit more couldn't hurt either. And I don't particularly want to do it by following the example in the above picture. Because, I can be honest here, I really enjoying eating. And one water and a salad is not going to always cut it for me. So I am trying to eat a little better, cut back on the amount of soda I drink, and pick back up with some good "working out" habits. Good plan right? Well I hope so.

Being back at school has brought its strengths and its own weaknesses to this equation. I recently changed my major (more on that soon) so I've been extremely busy with hardier classes. This makes my extra free time less available and less available. Especially if this free time comes late at night because I have 8am classes four days a week.  Bleh! However, the strengths include inspiration from friends and of course walking back and forth between classes.  The roommates and I have dropped the campus meal plan and have decided to cook for ourselves. This has been challenging, but better in taste, quality, and may even venture to say in health. It has to beat eating pizza hut and/or chic-fil-a once a day (if not twice), right? 

Believe it or not...I actually enjoy working out. Especially after a few days into the routine and your body starts getting use to everything. It is nice to start to feel in shape. It makes you start feeling better and that helps your mood and than if you continue it helps you start looking better too. Win, win. It's just getting started, and keeping it a habit.

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