Monday, July 1, 2013

Read-A-Thon Day 1: Introductions

This read-a-thon is hosted by Read-A-Thon Central. I am excited to get started reading. Here is my introduction:

Tell us a little bit about yourself – Where are you from? What’s your favorite genre? What got you reading? – Be creative and show your individual personality!

We’d also like to know – What are your goals for this read-a-thon?

First, Hello everyone that is hopping by! And welcome to Book Beats! I'll try to keep this introduction short and sweet so you can be off to the next blog.

My name is Jenna and this is my first ever read-a-thon. (Well if you don't count staying up most of the night to read a book for class --which I don't cause it wasn't fun). Since this is my first, feel free to leave any tips in the comment sections. Especially about this twenty-four hour business coming up at the end of the week.




I am starting my goal at five books. The first book I am wanting to tackle is Dessen's Along for the Ride.





Leave a link to you intro page and I'll be sure to hop by there. Also, if you're a new follower let me know that as well and I'll be sure to follow back.

Happy Reading!



  1. I'm so happy to see Sarah Dessen as your first read! My first read for this read-a-thon was Dessen's "That Summer" and the next two books are by her too. :) Happy reading!

  2. Jenna this is the perfect starter read-a-thon as it's so fun! I've participated in a few and this is so far the best, I love all the participation post, the challenges and the Bingo. I prefer this over other read-a-thons because it's so interactive, you really get to interact with the other read-a-thon participants and I think that's half the fun of read-a-thons.

    I've heard great things about Sarah Dessen books and her books is definitely very popular in Summer Lovin Read-a-thon a fair few participants have noted her books to be part of their book list.

    My Summer Lovin Intro post