Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wow. I can't believe my first ever Read-a-thon is finished. It has been a great week with some awesome challenges and some awesome new friends.

All of this was possible thanks to the wonderful hosts. You ladies hosted one heck of a read-a-thon. I enjoyed all the activites and hopping around to all the different orientations. Thanks a bushel:

Also, thanks to the awesome authors that were featured this week and the awesome giveaways:

  • KA Tucker,
  • Jennifer S. Doktorski,
  • Sarah Fine,
  • S.T. Bende
  • Ardash Vartparonian,
  • Jessecia Gunhammer
  • Karla Nellenbach
Goals: 2/5

Welp... I got two books finished.

Along For The Ride

I'm Not Her



Bingo Blackout: here.

The Hop:

The best part of this read-a-thon was making some great new blogger friends. I enjoyed hopping around reading y'alls answers more than I enjoyed making my own. Thanks for a great first read-a-thon experience. It would not have been near as fun without y'alls continued support and of course seeing who your favorite good to be bad boy choice was ;)

Feel free to drop by and say hello anytime -- after all I think we've been initiated into the Pink Ladies club now.

So Think Pink



  1. Congrats on finishing two books! It was a fun read-a-thon. I am also doing the Once Upon a Read-a-thon, good luck with that one!

  2. I know it's a bummer you didn't meet your goal, but you still got a lot accomplished during the read-a-thon! And I see that you are starting another short read-a-thon. :) Good luck with that!

    Thanks for the follow, and I followed back on Bloglovin'.

    Ashley @ Book Junkie: Not-So-Anonymous

  3. Yay for finishing 2 books! This was a fun readathon for sure even if I didn't get as much reading as I wanted to done!

    Good luck with the new readathon you're starting! =)