Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Challenge Post [3] -- Page 99 Test


This challenge is hosted by Reviewing Wonderland.

Okay, this challenge is totally new to me. Let's see how this goes....

The book I chose is will grayson, will grayson -- which is the next book that I'm planning on reading in the read-a-thon :) Be sure to link your post and I'll stop by.

First, the goodreads summary:

One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens—both named Will Grayson—are about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history’s most fabulous high school musical.



Okay time for page 99 --

Alright so, a guy -- the first Will? -- is texting a girl named Maura. Will and Maura are apparently good friends because they banter some. He is asking her to cover his spot in the mathletes because he has to go to Chicago with his mom. I don't think the part about going with his mom is a lie -- but he was glad that he didn't have to say that his grandmother had died. This is apparently where he will eventually meet the other Will Grayson.

I didn't really have a lot to work with since most of the page was text messaging. The whole page, not just the text, were wrote in lower case though. I'm not really sure what the lack of capitalization is about and can't decided if it annoys me.

Capitalization or not...I am excited to give this book a try. I love Green (who doesn't?) and I have heard some good stuff about Will Grayson, Will Grayson. So we shall see soon.


Have you read Will Grayson, Will Grayson? What was your page 99 challenge post?



  1. WGWG (<--shorter that way, lol!) is also on my list to read! Man, I really need to crack down and get to reading, lol! Great pg. 99 post!

    -Novel Reveries

    1. It has been on my shelf forever -- and I am doing a challenge were you're buddy picks the books you read. So I am going to finally read it -- and I'm actually pretty excited.

  2. I still have to get around to reading one of Green's books. WGWG does sound interesting though and I wonder what will happen when they both meet. Hm, intriguing!

    1. Every book that I've read by Green has been amazing. Granted, some are sadder than others. TFiOS is completely heartbreaking, but utterly amazing too.

      Check it out if you ever have the chance.

  3. I haven't read this one, but I do like Green. I'll have to see how you like it!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    P.S. Glad I found you via the Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon! I'm now following you via BlogLovin'.

    1. Green is an awesome author. I've never read anything by the co-author levithan though. So I'm curious to see how they mash it all together.

      Following back via bloglovin' :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by :)
    Will Grayson has been on my tbr pile too long! I definitely should read it soon ^^